Triple Threat Tough Team Philosophy

The Triple Threat Tough triathlon lifestyle is about health, fun, and friends. The North Dallas triathlon team was established in 2006. One of the longest running triathlon teams in the Dallas/Forth Worth, TX area. The one common denominator for all Triple Threat Tough athletes is that they have a desire to enhance their overall fitness and their endurance sport skills in a challenging, but social and non-intimidating environment. Triple Threat attracts a vast array of people by focusing on beginner and intermediate athletes. At Triple Threat workouts you will find pure swimmers, cyclists, runners, new general fitness enthusiasts, and your local couch potatoes wanting to change their lifestyle or check an endurance event off their bucket list. Triple Threat welcomes anyone interested in reaching personal fitness goals with the guidance of professional coaches.

Programs run 350 days a year. Triple Threat differs from other endurance sports coaching companies and clubs in several ways. One that has remained most important since day one is that all group workouts are professionally coached. All of our coaches are certified by nationally accredited institutions or governing bodies (USA Triathlon, USA Track and Field, USA Swimming, USA Cycling, Road Runners of America, American Swim Coaches Association, and others). No one is ever left behind or feeling like he/she was intimidated or did not get personal attention. There is always a beginner lane at swim practices, one of the staff members always brings the last rider in, and staff will always run/walk with the new people. Another difference is that even though TTT offers an impressive number of weekly group workouts, the membership fee stays low. Only thing members pay is the annual fee…Triple Threat covers all facility costs for every group workout or social event.

Triple Threat started with only 16 members and has continued to grow over the years. No matter how big the team gets, the ultimate goal continues to be to make the endurance sports lifestyle possible for just one more person.


Sport Speed Lab is an endurance sports coaching company and triathlon club. Our mission is to educate and empower all athletes with the necessary tools to build a healthy lifestyle in an uplifting atmosphere.

Endurance sports are a lifestyle and we want to welcome everyone, no matter their skill level, to come and be a part of this life changing journey.


Our Athletes –

Our athletes are the reason we do what we do. Our athletes come from all types of sporting background. We welcome athletes of all abilities from beginner to advanced.

Our Services –

Our performance testing services and bike fit services are based on sound science backed by extensive research and training.

Our Coaches –

Our coaches are knowledgeable in endurance sports and are obsessed with helping our athletes accomplish amazing goals. All of our coaches are USA Triathlon certified in addition to having other certifications. Our coaches actively increase their knowledge through continuing education courses.

Our Workouts –

Our workouts are lead by enthusiastic, knowledgeable and certified coaches. Our workouts are athlete friendly and have a space for athletes of all abilities.

Our Community –

We appreciate the D/FW triathlon and endurance sport community. Because of this we give back to this community through free clinics, volunteering at races and fund raising for charity.

Our Sponsors –

Our sponsors help us accomplish our mission. We appreciate our sponsors and promote their businesses and services.


Honesty –

We are always honest in dealing with our athletes. We “tell them like it is”.

Trust –

Trust is a fundamental value in the coach/athlete relationship. We earn our athletes’ trust.

Respect –

We have deep admiration for our athletes’ qualities, abilities and achievements.

Integrity –

In all that we do with our athletes, we do the right thing.

Constancy of Purpose –

We are committed to seeing our athletes accomplish their goals.

Triple Threat Tough Team

What does the TTT logo mean? 

A note from Coach Kristen: 

I was asked in the past what was the meaning behind our logo with the skull in the middle. Yes, the three Ts represent the words “Triple Threat Tough”, but there is so much more behind this logo.

  • The skull in the middle stands for every single person that even has an inkling to do a triathlon. That is the commonality among everyone that becomes a team member. This team is built on that common thread allowing each person to shine in that facet and not stress about their differences. That skull represents EVERY gender, body type, race, age, weight, height, hair color, sexual orientation, education level, athletic ability, political view, or religious belief. ANYONE can be a team member! And we believe EVERYONE can do a triathlon!
  • Our philosophy about what people need to focus on to make themselves the best athlete possible is three-fold: Physiology – the training; Psychology – becoming mentally stable and strong; Nutrition – the fuel that powers the machine. These three things press like a vice on the person just like the three Ts in our logo. The ultimate goal is to have an equal balance of all three things to produce the best results possible. Not only do our coaches help foster these things, but each member pushes their teammate to be better as well. Together, we become the best athletes possible.


That’s the claim our members make. They become tough for each other. They become one team with one goal…to be the best triathlete possible. We are proud of our team members for supporting each other in this common endeavor and embracing their differences. From the top down, we see the diversity of our team, but only truly see that we are all triathletes in training. We want to continue to foster what our logo has always stood for…ANYONE can become a triathlete!