Arkansas Training Camp

April 26-28, 2019

The novice, intermediate, or elite athlete can take their training to the next level in this beautiful and scenic location. Being in a camp atmosphere is the best way to get focused for your triathlon season. For the beginner, your body and mind will begin to transform to become an endurance athlete. As an intermediate or advanced athlete, you will enhance your knowledge and get in a dedicated weekend for long training. Triple Threat Tough staff will be with you for every stroke and step of the way. This camp will help you be more efficient, smoother, smarter, and faster for your first, or next, event.

Camp will include:

  • 3 Days of Professional Coaching
  • 3 Swim Work-outs
  • 2 Bike Work-outs
  • 3 Run Work-outs
  • 4 Educational Clinics
  • Training Nutritional Support
  • SAG Support
  • Goody Bag



Registration limited to 35 people.

$460 through March 16, 2019
$525 through April 20, 2019 (registration closing date)

  • $25 discount for Triple Threat Tough members
  • Refund policy: Participants who cancel on or before 3/31/19 will receive a 50% refund. There are no refunds for any cancellations after 3/31/19. A minimum number of attendees will be required for the camp to proceed. If this minimum is not met, a full refund will be given to the registered attendees.
  • Accommodations and meals not included with camp registration.

April 26-28, 2019
Arkadelphia, Arkansas
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Triple Threat Tough recommends:

Hampton Inn

Comfort Inn

USAT Membership

The camp will be USAT sanctioned. You must be a USAT annual member (bring your USAT card!) or purchase a one day membership to participate in the camp. A one day membership can be purchased on your arrival to the camp.


"I want to thank you for allowing me to attend camp. It was much, much more than what I expected. I expected the training and hard work but I did not expect the atmosphere that pervaded the entire weekend. I've played on and coached so many great teams but I'm not sure I've ever experienced an atmosphere like this weekend where every single person worked hard to accomplish their goals and more importantly worked hard to help everyone else accomplish their goals. You have created a culture at TTT that is to be admired. Thank you again for a great time. I will officially join the team today."
— B. Scott

"I learned valuable tips regarding nutrition, mental preparation, strength training, and recovery just to name a few and I enjoyed a variety of tough workouts that truly rekindled my interest in the sport. I found the outstanding coaching staff is well positioned to help any athlete. Ultimately, I would highly recommend this camp to any triathlete regardless of their experience level."
— T. Riemer

For questions please contact Coach Kristen.