TTT Junior Tri Team Events

Team Races

We have selected the following races to participate in as a team for the upcoming triathlon season. Triple Threat Tough loves to support races by having a proud showing from our members. To the best of our ability we will coordinate meet and greet at the group workouts and on the team Facebook page to learn who is doing what race. This will help members meet potential training partners for our team events. For each event, the lead coach will try to establish a meeting place prior to and after the event. For several of the local events that have a larger team attendance, TTT will provide food and beverages for enjoyment after the race. For travel events, if a block of hotel rooms and early pre-race dinner is setup, the information will be posted here and on the team Facebook page. Our members participate in many other races individually, but we want to have as much camaraderie as possible at the following races:

  1. Baylor Sunny Kids Triathlon - April 27, 2019 in Dallas, Texas
  2. Texas Man Sprint - May 5, 2019 in Valley View, Texas
    • elite prep and high performance kids only
  3. Cedar Hill Kids Triathlon - June 9, 2019 in Cedar Hill, Texas
  4. Little Buggy Kids Triathlon - September 2, 2019 in Plano, Texas
  5. Monster Triathlon - October 20, 2019 in Keller, Texas

For questions please contact Coach Kristen

Check back for updates, race discounts and hotel discounts.