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Triple Threat Tough Junior provides a positive opportunity for kids to enter into the sport of youth triathlon and excel at all three disciplines. Through group workouts led by professional coaches, youth athletes will learn the skills, concepts and values intrinsic to triathlon. All ability levels of children ages 9-17 years old (possibly younger by assessment only) are welcome. Read below for minimum athletic requirements. The ultimate goal of Triple Threat Tough youth triathlon team is to involve kids in a sport that will give them variety to stay active and allow them to, above all else, have FUN!

2019 Membership
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Membership Includes:


  • Spring Semester (1/8/19 - 5/31/19) = $475
  • Summer Semester (6/1/19 - 8/11/19) = $237.50
  • Fall Semester (8/18/19 - 10/31/19) = $237.50
  • Winter Semester (11/1/19 - 12/20/19) = $190
  • Monthly Membership (you choose which months you would like to attend) = $125/month
  • Full Year Option = $1140
    The membership fee is NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE.
    USA Triathlon youth membership required (additional cost)
    Triple Threat Tough team tri suits/uniforms preferred (additional cost)

For questions please contact Triple Threat Tough.

Athlete Requirements

  • Open to kids age 9 to 17 as of December 31, 2019 (possibly younger by assessment only)
  • No previous triathlon experience required, in fact, we love newbies
  • Able to SAFELY cross 50 yards of a pool (down and back)
  • Able to ride a bike comfortably around others
  • Able to walk for 10 minutes straight
  • All kids must be USA Triathlon youth members prior to participation in any Triple Threat Tough group workout

Registration Steps

  1. Register online
  2. Register for USA Triathlon youth membership
  3. Check-out team calendar
  4. Bring child to next available group workout
  5. Add team races to child's schedule and get registered (if going to be in town)
  6. Review handbook