VO2 and Lactate Testing

VO2 Testing

The Cycling and Running VO2 test will take approximately 50 minutes (includes warm up, cool down and a break to change disciplines). You will be wearing a mask over your mouth and nose to be able to capture all respiratory gases. Our general test includes 2 different exercises, with majority of the athletes using their bike on a trainer and a treadmill. We do have access to an elipitical machine, spin bike, and stairmaster. We can test you on the equipment you use most to get you to your goal. Your metabolic training zones will be captured and reported to you at the end of the test.

Lactate Testing

The lactate threshold is the maximum effort level that an athlete can train at for a considerable amount of time. The test is used to establish heart rates used for training and racing. Blood lactate numbers are typically used more for performance based information, and coupled with a VO2 test, gives a complete picture of an athlete. Blood lactate testing for lactate threshold is a progressive test for aerobic endurance. The tests will take as much as thirty minutes and require that you give a blood sample (through a simple lancet device similar to what a person would use to test blood sugar levels) applied to a test strip and analyzed in a blood lactate analyzer. Tests are available for bike and run in our facility and any other modality (prices will vary) such as swimming or elliptical machines, upon request. Test results will provide lactate threshold, heart rate zones, caloric consumption (if coupled with VO2 test), power and speed, based on the desired information the athlete needs.


$150 VO2 cycling test
$150 Lactate cycling test
$250 Combo VO2 + Lactate cycling test
$150 VO2 running test
$150 Lactate running test
$250 Combo VO2 + Lactate running test

  • $50 discount for Triple Threat Tough members
  • 10% discount for group test (3 or more people scheduled in one day)


Triple Threat Tough Office
6105 Windcom Ct. Suite 300
Plano, TX 75093

Richardson Bike Mart
1451 W. Campbell Rd.
Richardson, TX 75080

What To Bring

  • Please complete the Fitness Testing Questionnaire and bring it with you to the test.
  • Bring your running shoes, bike (if you plan on doing the bike test), bike shoes and some water.
  • If you have a Polar heart rate monitor, please bring it also, but if not, we will supply one for you.
  • Bring a towel if you are a person who sweats quite a bit.

Special Instructions

  • Make sure you come to the test hydrated.
  • Avoid caffeine throughout the day, and avoid food within 12 hours of test.
  • Take all medications as you normally would on any given day.

For questions please contact Triple Threat Tough.