Coach Tommy Johnson

Enjoying the journey...

I've always been a cyclist. I can't remember ever not riding a bike. As a teenager, I rode to the swim club for fun and swim team workouts. In high school I rode to stay in shape during the summer for the upcoming football season. In college my bike was my transportation. After college I was able to afford my first 'really nice bike' - a Trek 2200. Club rides and races followed. Cycling continued to be my sport for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fast forward to 2004. I had just completed an MBA degree and was looking for a new challenge. I'm very goal oriented and having something to work towards brings me great satisfaction. "Get back into bike club rides and races," I thought. I was surfing bike race websites and came across websites for triathlon races. "I already have the cycling background. I swam some in high school. All I have to do is add the running," was my thinking. After my first race in Las Cruces, NM, I was hooked. Triathlon is now my "lifestyle".

Since beginning my triathlon journey, I have completed 7 Ironman triathlon races - Canada, Texas, Florida, Arizona (twice), Louisville, and Maryland - and many half Ironman distance triathlons. In 2009, I qualified for and raced in the Ironman World Championship 70.3. Each season I compete in 8 or 9 triathlons and at all distances. I enjoy the speed of the sprint and Olympic distance and the endurance challenge of the Half Ironman and Ironman. If 10 years ago you had asked me if I would ever do an Ironman, I would have said, "No way. Never. Never, ever. I hate running. And I'm not running 26.2 miles." Today I enjoy running. Much of endurance sport performance is rooted in mental skills. I truly believe we are capable of more than we realize. I enjoy pushing my mental and physical boundaries and accomplishing goals I never thought possible.

My coaching philosophy is based on effective athlete/coach communication. I believe effective coaching requires the athlete and coach to communicate on a very regular basis. I encourage my coached athletes to communicate via text, email, phone or face-to-face whenever needed. As your coach, it's my job to know the science of training and use it appropriately to help you reach your goals. Effective athlete/coach communication adds context to the training plan and workout data. We aren't pro athletes with unlimited time to train. We all have other commitments - families, children, work, school, etc. Together we'll design a plan that takes into account your real life situation and that accomplishes your goals. Along the journey you will have an enjoyable and exhilarating experience training and racing.

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"Tommy has all of the attributes that I was seeking in a coach when I was preparing for my first Ironman event. He is positive, motivating, encouraging and also gives me a real kick when I need it. He is accessible and provides data-driven coaching that has served me well in reaching or exceeding my race goals in every race I've trained for and entered under Tommy's coaching. I have a great athlete/coach fit with Tommy; I simply couldn't want for a better coach. Currently, Tommy is coaching me to my 4th Ironman event, at which we plan for me to achieve yet another PR."
— Karen

"Tommy has coached me for over two years now; I could not be more pleased with his coaching skills and his attention to detail. Tommy has taken the time to understand my limitations of being an older age-grouper (55) and tailored my training to meet my specific needs. He truly listens to me and knows when to increase intensity or back off to avoid injury and excessive fatigue. Tommy is a great coach and one I highly recommend."
— Bob

My Message To You

Triathlon and endurance sport are all about the journey to your goal race. The Journey Is the Destination.

Contact Info

Phone: 469-388-2701



USA Triathlon, Level 1 Coach
USA Cycling, Level 3 Coach
RRCA Certified Running Coach
Retul Certified Bike Fitter
Training Peaks Level 1 Certified
CPR/AED/First Aid

Coaching Experience

Strengths: cycling, running
Years of experience: 11

Notable Races

  • Iron Distance Triathlons
    • Ironman Maryland 2016
    • Ironman Arizona 2013
    • Ironman Canada 2012
    • Ironman Texas 2011
    • Ironman Louisville 2009
    • Ironman Arizona 2008
    • Ironman Florida 2006
  • Half Iron Distance Triathlons
    • Buffalo Springs 70.3 - 9 times, my favorite race
    • Ironman 70.3 Hawaii 2015
    • Ironman 70.3 Austin 2015
    • Ironman 70.3 Texas 2011
    • Ironman 70.3 New Orleans 2010
    • Ironman 70.3 Galveston 2009
    • Ironman World Championship 70.3 2009
    • Ironman 70.3 New Orleans 2008
  • Olympic Distance Triathlons
    • Toyota US Open Tri 2012
    • Tri Waco 2011
    • Toyota US Open Tri 2011
    • Toyota US Open Tri 2009
    • Disco Triathlon 2008
    • Texas Man Triathlon 2008
    • Stonebridge Ranch 2007
  • Sprint Triathlons
    • Metroplex Sprint Tri 2008
    • Take on the Heat
  • Running Races
    • Tour des Fluers 10k - 6 times, my favorite local race
    • Rock n Roll Dallas Half Marathon
    • Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon
    • Rock n Roll Nashville
    • White Rock Marathon