Triathlon Reasons

Friday, August 14, 2015 by Coach Liz

Triathlon, in my opinion, is a sport that encompasses three of the more challenging and best activities for human conditioning. Triathlon takes commitment, sweat, and maybe even some blood and tears! To a lot of people, the amount of work needed can seem overwhelming and intimidating but with a positive mindset becoming a conditioned athlete can be achieved.  From person to person, reasons for becoming a triathlete vary. Some do it to get healthier.  Others do it for confidence or social connection.  Some even do it to clear their mind.  Whatever reasoning pushes you to become a triathlete, keep it in mind.  Never quit until your goals are fulfilled. Triathlons takes more than just the physical.  They require the mind and the spirit.  A strong mind along with a strong body can conquer any task in the realm of triathlon.

Any athlete in general has a stronger mind than most people, in my opinion.  Triathletes are 3 athletes in one person.  The expectations of a training program require time that could be used elsewhere. Each individual activity of triathlon requires the need of specific attention. Conditioning the body to understand what the correct way to train is will translate further into the actual day of the event and have benefits in other aspects of the athlete’s life.

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