Staying tri active while traveling to “foreign” places

Friday, July 15, 2016 by Coach Kristen

I often hear people question on how to stay active while traveling.  I recently took a trip to Montreal and wanted to share a few tips I used to stay active…

1) Two weeks prior to traveling I searched online for local triathlon clubs.  I contacted the director and asked if I could drop in on any workouts.  He graciously said yes and sent me the list of the workouts for the week that I would be in town. I made sure the locations were accessible and let him know which training sessions I would be at.

2) I checked out the hotel facilities to see what I would have immediate access too.  I was lucky that my hotel had a lap pool. I also wanted a weight facility with at least the minimal equipment and they had that as well.  I could have easily substituted a body weight workout though, and I did look for the closest YWCA which typically has a cheap drop in fee.

3) I explored the city as much as possible on foot. Sometimes in running clothes, sometimes in my work clothes.  Every step counts! You can get a really good feel for a city on foot (of course, make sure you know the safe areas to go…usually your concierge or hotel clerk can guide you with this).  I also found out where the best parks were for running and made my way over to those.

4) If you’re doing an extended stay, you can always look for local bike shops to rent a bike and join in on group rides. Fortunately, most “European” cities have rental bikes street side.  They may not be as fancy as my Specialized Venge, but it’s time in the saddle and keeping active.

5) Finally, don’t hesitate to ask on social media for tri “friends” that might be in the area you’re traveling to.  Triathletes can be very helpful for more than just planning your training.

Safe travels and stay active!

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