Sometimes…You Get What You Get

Monday, May 14, 2012 by Coach Denise

I recently found myself on my bike in the middle of a race facing very high winds and wondering what happened to the race that I had been visualizing for the past six months. Cancelled swim, shortened bike course, and gale-force winds were not in my plan. My planned race had a really good swim, a kick-ass, sub-3 hour bike leg, and a PR run. So I had two choices, give up and be pissed off for the rest of the race or come up with a new plan.

Two weeks before Ironman Kona last year, Chrissy Wellington had a bike crash. During an interview about the crash, she said that it was certainly a “suboptimal situation.” Suboptimal? She was in the best shape of her career and positioned to beat her Ironman Kona record and has a serious crash two weeks before the race and she calls it “suboptimal?” If Chrissy can get over a bike crash, I could deal with some wind and messed up race logistics.

So I chose to re-evaluate my race plan. The 18 mph average on the bike wasn’t realistic for me in the conditions. I determined that I could keep a 17 mph average and still stay in my heart rate zone and have enough in my legs to do the PR run that I had planned. I could also work on my transitions times, which was another goal I had set for myself for this race.

At the end of the day, I managed to keep my 17 mph average on the bike, rocked my transitions, and did get my run PR. I also met Sister Madonna Buder, the Iron Nun, and had fun. It just took accepting that the race wasn’t going to be the way that I expected it to be to allow me to enjoy the race that I did have.

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