Recovery Part 3: Post-Season Recovery

Sunday, November 27, 2011 by Coach Tommy
Honey Badger Sleeping

Honey Badger cares about recovery. So should you.


In previous posts I discussed post-workout recovery and post-training block recovery.  By this time of the year, most triathletes have finished their season. It’s time for some down time and post-season recovery. A mistake I see athletes make is not taking an off season. They go from triathlon season right into running season without taking a break from the long triathlon season.

Post-season recovery is a time for your body to shed fatigue, heal, and rebuild. It’s also a time to shed the mental fatigue of a long tri season.

Listed below is a typical post-season recovery:

  • Take 2 – 4 weeks completely off from training. The amount of time off depends on the athlete, the stress of the season, and the length of the last big race.
  • After the time-off period, do 2-6 weeks of unstructured training. Train when you feel like it but make all sessions easy.
  • Off season is the time for one-on-one coaching in your performance limiter.
  • After sufficient unstructured workouts, begin a structured plan that focuses on skills and technique. Keep all workouts short.
  • Add in some strength training, core training, yoga, etc.
  • Use the off season to reconnect with family and friends, take a vacation, and enjoy the holidays.

Post-season recovery is essential for performing well next season. Take a break and come back next year even stronger.

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