Random Things Triathletes Think About

Saturday, April 12, 2014 by Coach Kristen

If you are anything like me in this wonderful world of triathlon, you have a TON of time spent talking to yourself.  Lots of hours in the pool, or pounding the pavement, listening to the thoughts rattling around in your own head.  Kind of like the Sh*t Triathlete’s Say Youtube video, I decided there could probably be a “Random Things Triathletes Think” article to go right along with it.  These are the things I ponder as I put the many miles in swimming, cycling and running, or traveling to and from those workouts. 

Do I stink, or is it the person next to me?  Let me do a quick fingers through the hair, nose near the armpit move.  Did anyone notice?  No, I don’t think anyone noticed.

What is a good hairstyle that looks cute and can fit underneath a swim cap and a helmet?

Why does my nose start running when I start running and cycling even in the middle of summer?

How do I get rid of these goggles marks before my next appointment?

Does my body really absorb the chlorine from the pool? It sure smells like it does when I start sweating for my 2nd workout of the day 8 hours later.

Is that person just genetically gifted or does he/she take something?

Did that person just catch me checking them out?

How do I get that expensive piece of equipment without paying anything for it?

Why don’t they see that this piece of equipment that I’m trying to sell is worth one million dollars?

Wonder if anyone notices I’m peeing in the lake?  

Why does my wetsuit smell?  Has to be that nasty lake water (couldn’t be the previous question).

How do I get the awful smell out of my car/shoes/helmet/name whatever piece of sweaty equipment here?

I sit here and wonder if I could turn any of them into a research paper.  It would be kind of interesting to see the statistics on some of them.  Like if you actually can get away with smelling your own armpit or checking someone out without him noticing.  What type of questions roll around in your brain about the crazy, quirkiness of triathlon?


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