Play to Your Strengths

Sunday, June 29, 2014 by Coach Denise

As the race went on, it started to get hot. Really hot. And this made me happy.

Do I like running in the heat? No, it sucks. The reason that I was happy is that I always like racing in adverse conditions. One of my strengths is my ability to persevere despite bad conditions. They call me badger because the badger is relentless and doesn’t let anything stop it.

In this particular race, I had a crazy bet with two of my teammates where the loser had to wear a unicorn Speedo. I didn’t want to lose this bet. The thing is, both of them are better athletes than I am. I knew that I had a better chance if conditions got bad.

Of course, we should work on our weakness so that has less of an impact on our performance, but as you are selecting your races, consider what your strengths are. Are you a great swimmer? Select a race where the swim is a larger percentage of the overall race, typically shorter distance triathlons or do an aquathon. Not a fast runner but have great endurance? Consider doing a longer distance event over a sprint.

I didn’t lose my bet. In fact, I beat both of my teammates. Sometimes it’s better to be the badger than it is to be a really good athlete.

Knowing your strength helps you compete and builds confidence. The next time you are looking at adding a race to your schedule, consider adding one that plays to your strengths. That will help improve your performance overall.

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