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Wednesday, July 1, 2015 by Coach Kristen

When designing a workout for a group, finding some random set off of the internet, in my opinion, just doesn’t cut it. Of course you can use something online as a template, but to succeed as a workout leader, you need to take into consideration a few things:

1) What is your ultimate goal/outcome for the workout?

    a. Speed
    b. Agility
    c. Stability
    d. Endurance
    e. Strength
    f. Technique/Form

You can have several of these in one workout, but design it to have a specific goal. It should not be a combination of all of these things. Have smart, specific training!

2) Who is your audience?

    a. Beginners
    b. Intermediate
    c. Advanced
    d. Young
    e. Old

Again, you may have a combination of the types and abilities in your group. Take this into account when designing your workouts. Can you mold the workout to fit each type of person and have everyone get a good workout? How can you make adjustments to it to make it easier or harder, if needed? Have a plan, at least in your head, as to what the workout will look like for all abilities. Know ahead of time what adjustments you will make to accommodate each person.

3) Is it creative and fun?

    a. Something novel
    b. Keeps them coming back for more
    c. Not too out-of-the-box that you injure people
    d. Participants are talking about it even after they leave
    e. Gets posted on social media

Listening for feedback about the workout can be one of the best constructive tools you can use. Don’t hesitate to be silent for a moment during and after your workouts to see what people say to each other. It will help you adjust the workout for next time to make sure everyone, not just the fast or just the slow people, are getting everything out of the workout that you wanted.

4) Adapt, adapt, adapt…

Be ready to change things on the fly. If it’s not working, or getting the focus or intensity you want out of your participants, then change it mid-stream. Don’t force your group to go through a workout that you can see just isn’t working.

Being a good workout leader is about creating a great environment and workout for all different levels of participants. Get out of your comfort zone, always be positive, and smile no matter what happened in your life before that training session started. You’re on stage…put on the best show possible for your audience.

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