Cary Emmons Race Report – IMKS 70.3 2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014 by administrator

This was a well organized, well sponsored, well run race as I expected it would be. The venue was great…scenic, fairly easy to get in and out of, and tons of volunteer support.

The swim course was great. The part I liked best was how many buoys they had out there lining the course. If you have trouble, like I do with sighting and tend to swim in a zig zag fashion, then this is very helpful! It was wet suit legal but could have been swum comfortably without one. The water was calm and the swim start was done in waves starting with pros, then age groupers older to younger. I’m sure this lessened the length of time they had swimmers in the water but did lead to fast younger groups swimming up to and past older groups.

T 1 was right next to the water exit so it was a quick out of the water and onto the bike. It had a slight uphill start but not bad at all.

The bike course was hilly as expected…and this is not like the Texas “rollers” that we have down here. There were some long climbs with the longest near the end so challenging but also a very satisfying ride when your done. The course was through lush green pasture land with wonderful old red barns and farmhouses along the way. I love seeing the farmers at the end of their property watching and supporting the racers. I’m sure they were thinking that they could make more productive use of the energy we were expending peddling down road.

T 2 was near the entrance to the park and was also a quick in and out to the run.

The run was a paved two loop course through the camp ground which was lined with tons of spectators and volunteers. Plenty of well stocked aid stations along the way and always an encouraging word to help the runners along. It was a mostly flat course and had some nice shaded areas along the way.

The race swag included shirt, hat, medal, and race bag. The weather was rainy the day before but clear on race day and perfect for racing. Overall, I’d give the event two thumbs up and highly recommend it to anyone who is considering it.

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